Kitchen Cabinet Contractor in La Prairie

At Antony Ebénisterie, we offer our customers in La Prairie the manufacture and restoration of kitchen cabinets.

Our team of cabinetmaking enthusiasts has the experience necessary to carry out your furnishing projects, whether they are easy to carry out or more delicate.

A new kitchen just for you

You are staying in La Prairie and you want to completely redo your kitchen? Trust our professional cabinet makers, they will know how to perfectly design your furniture according to your desires and expectations.

In our company, we attach great importance to the collaboration between our cabinetmakers and our customers. The furniture we create is tailor-made for our customers but also thought and chosen by them.

There is a real cooperation when we start a project, because we have to know perfectly the needs and tastes of our customers in order to design a piece of furniture to perfection.

No more searching: Antony Ebenisterie is the partner you need. Competitive prices and quality service.

Kitchen cabinet design

Do you want a new kitchen cabinet? Here are the steps that we will put in place to carry out your project, from creation to the final manufacturing of the furniture.

Our team of cabinet makers will first try to understand your tastes and expectations. By taking the time to chat with you, we will determine together the general style of the kitchen cabinet, the desired design as well as the colors and materials to be used.

Once all this information has been collected, we can proceed with the creation of the model of your kitchen cabinet. As soon as the model is validated by you, we can move on to the last step, which is the design of the furniture.

We will of course take care of the delivery to La Prairie and the installation of the cabinet in your kitchen.

So you have a piece of furniture that is totally adapted to your personality as well as your interior. Our work gives you the opportunity to have a unique, personalized kitchen cabinet that you can’t find anywhere else.

Renovation of a kitchen cabinet

You want to keep your current kitchen but give it a little facelift? Trust Antony Ebénisterie, we specialize in the renovation and restoration of kitchen furniture in La Pairie.

Your wooden kitchen cabinet may seem worn and decrepit, but very often there is no need to buy a new one. Our professional cabinet makers have the skills to restore your kitchen furniture so that it looks like new.

For this, we start by stripping and sanding the cabinet doors and the boxes to find the bare and natural wood.

We then proceed to stain the wood according to your tastes and to obtain harmony throughout your kitchen.

Finally, the top coat will allow your kitchen cabinet to regain its radiance and be completely refurbished.

Whether you have a kitchen cabinet making or restoration project in La Prairie, trust Antony Cabinetmaking.

Our team of professional cabinet makers will perfectly meet your needs and offer you unique, quality furniture.

Plus besoin de chercher: Antony Ébénisterie est le partenaire qu’il vous faut. Prix compétitifs et service de qualité.