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Antony Ébénisterie

How to restore?


First Step :
Stripping and Sandblasting

There are many types of cuisine restorations in the industry. The first is the full kitchen stripping where doors and wooden cabinets need refurbishment or color change. In this case, the first step is to remove all existing doors and some cabinets in order to get them to our workshop to hand-stripped and sand them down to the original wood, left with no more imperfection.


Step Two :

At this point, you can visit us at the workshop to see the refurbishment of your doors and of your cabinets. You can then choose a color dye that our team will do on site. Our team will then add a topcoat (5-6 polished layers) of sanded lacquers between each coat, which give a remarkably unique finish.

A Leader in
the industry

What sets us apart from any other competitor is our expertise to implement any project or modification of furniture, such as a cabinet addition, a cabinet finish to the ceiling with O’gee, and more. Our professionals also specialize in granite and quartz installation, an essential and vital service.

In addition, the staff at Antony Ébénisterie also installs LED lights and has a wide choice of sinks, faucets, handles and other hardware accessories for your kitchen. Our turnkey services demonstrate the quality of our company: here’s why we’re in business for over 24 years and how our family business is now in its third decade, having completed hundreds of kitchen cabinet restoration projects on the South Shore of Montreal.

Why restore your kitchen cabinets?

Your kitchen stayed in the 80s and you can not anymore? You want to change the look of your kitchen cabinets but you have a limited budget? At Antony Ebénisterie, we offer the ideal solution to your needs! Restore your cabinets without having to completely remake your kitchen, and at a lower cost!

Still hesitating to start this renovation project?
Here are two reasons that could cause you to change your mind and finally proceed to the restoration of your kitchen.

Reorganize the organization of your kitchen: The possibilities of restoration of your kitchen cabinets are endless: colors, boxes, glass doors, wallpaper as the bottom of the cabinets, new handles, etc. In addition to the many visual benefits of your kitchen, restoring your cabinet doors gives you the opportunity to rearrange the organization of your kitchen. Do you have drawers that do not open in full? Think about turning your drawers into simple tablets with a contemporary look. Do you lack storage? Think about enlarging your kitchen cabinets or adding tablets. The choices are unlimited and we will be happy to share our expertise and know-how with you.

Increase the value of your property: It’s not a secret. The most popular renovations in terms of added value of a property are the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room. These are the rooms in which we spend most of our day. That’s why restoring your cabinet doors adds value to your property. A simple brushstroke by our experts and voila!

Regardless of the size of your cabinet door restoration project, whether it’s simply to give your cabinet doors a little sparkle or to completely change the look of your kitchen, our team of cabinetmakers professionals will take charge of your project as soon as possible and at the best prices!

No need to search: Antony Ébénisterie is the only place that is enough for you with its prices far more than competitive!

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Our process

Paint removal and sandblasting

The first step in a kitchen cabinet restoration is preparation, that is, stripping and sanding. It’s not enough to simply repaint over the cabinets! In order to achieve a lasting result that will not fade in the first year, it is important to take the time to strip the entire cabinet doors and boxes, and sand them afterwards. This will allow your cabinets to return to square one, and start over again afterwards. Once this step is done by our team of professionals from Anthony Ébénisterie directly to our workshop, we can move on to the second step.

Finishing layer

The second step is the finishing touch. During this stage, we invite you to visit our workshop to see the work we did in the previous step. It is also at this stage that you have the opportunity to choose a paint or stain color for your new cabinet doors.

If you want to dare, you can opt for a warm colours such as red. If you are more classic, white is the ideal choice for your cabinet doors. If you want to reproduce a more rustic look, we recommend a tint with a warmer darker shade.

Once the selection is made, our team of cabinet restoration experts will apply a top coat (5 to 6 polished layers) of sandblasted lacquers between each coat, resulting in a remarkably unique finish.

Decorative touch

Last but not least, the decoration of your kitchen cabinets. It is during this stage that you will be able to add your personal touch and your magic touch of decoration. Think about adding original decorative handles, different styles, sizes or colors, adding a touch of color to your interior cabinets, installing wallpaper in the bottom of cabinets, etc. . The choices are endless to make your kitchen to your taste!