Custom Kitchen Cabinet in Châteauguay

Who doesn’t have kitchen furniture that still stands but doesn’t look like much? When you have had a kitchen for a long time, it can quickly seem old-fashioned and more fashionable. Very often, we will immediately think of changing the kitchen to have a more trendy and modern one. However, we often forget that there are a lot of ways and tricks to give a second life to your old kitchen and thus have the impression of having a new one.

At Antony Ebénisterie, we have been working in Châteauguay for 24 years to renovate your kitchens and we particularly restore kitchen cabinets. Our team of professional cabinet makers will make your kitchen as new and unique.

Our renovation advice

Transform kitchen cabinets without having to replace them? It is now possible in Châteauguay! Give a second life to your furniture thanks to the advice of Antony Ebénisterie.

First, you can choose to change only the cabinets in your wardrobe by choosing an original color or pattern. As a result, you will get a unique and personalized piece of furniture, which you will not find anywhere else. In addition, you will feel like you have new furniture and this feeling of change is very good for your morale.

You can choose to remove some of your kitchen cupboard doors to add lightness to your kitchen. You can also choose to replace your existing doors with glass doors, this has the same effect. This tip helps to ventilate the space in your kitchen as well as to enhance your pretty dishes.

Do not hesitate to play with colors to make your kitchen modern and dynamic. Instead of a uniform kitchen, opt for a two-tone kitchen; the upper cabinets in one color and the lower cabinets in another color. This configuration is very trendy and modern because it makes your kitchen much more attractive.

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Cuisine neuve à Châteauguay

Our expertise in restoration and design of kitchen cabinets

At Antony Cabinetmaking, we work as professionals in Châteauguay to carry out all your cabinetmaking projects. Our team of furniture enthusiasts has the knowledge and expertise to renovate your kitchen cabinets to give them a second life.

We strip and sand your kitchen cabinet doors as well as your cabinets in order to rediscover the beauty of natural wood. You can then choose the color of the stain of your cabinet so that it is in perfect harmony with the whole of your kitchen. Finally, we finish the restoration of your kitchen cabinet with a top coat composed of lacquer, for a unique finish and a completely refurbished piece of furniture.

If all these tips have not convinced you to renovate your kitchen cabinet and you still prefer to replace it, our cabinetmaking experts are perfectly able to design a new kitchen cabinet, corresponding to your tastes and your personality.

Trust Antony Ebénisterie, we work in Châteauguay to carry out all your kitchen projects.