Custom Kitchen cabinets in Brossard

Is your kitchen getting old and not really trendy anymore? It’s time to change it!

At Antony Ebénisterie, our cabinet makers are passionate about furniture and will be more than happy to make you unique and modern kitchen furniture. A family business with a solid reputation, located near Brossard for 24 years now, we specialize in the design and restoration of wooden kitchen cabinets.

The design of kitchen cabinets: an ancestral know-how

Do you want to replace your current kitchen cabinet? Our team of professional cabinet makers is ready to assist you in all of your kitchen furniture design projects.

At Antony Ebénisterie, we make a point of collaborating with our customers so that the kitchen cabinet is perfectly suited to the taste and personality of our dear customers. Indeed, it is true that having beautiful and attractive furniture is very important to feel good at home. The kitchen is a living space that needs to be warm and friendly, and it is essential not to overlook the effect that quality furniture can have.

We attach great importance to satisfying the wishes of our customers and making sure to offer them a kitchen that is as pleasant as it is functional. Our professional cabinet makers support you throughout the creation process, whether you want to make a kitchen cabinet or renovate it.

No more searching: Antony Ébénisterie is the partner you need. Competitive prices and quality service.

The stages: true cooperation

In order to understand your project and your needs, as well as to know with certainty what you want for your kitchen, we take care to collect all the necessary information. We then proceed to create a model of your kitchen cabinet according to the instructions you have given us. Once the model has been validated by you, we can proceed to its design in our workshop located near Brossard. We attach great importance to the perfect and precise knowledge of the tastes of our customers in order to make the perfect piece of furniture, totally adapted to its personality. This is why, during meetings, our customers choose from the outset the style and design desired for their kitchen cabinet as well as the color and material to be used.

At Antony Ebénisterie, we make it a point of honor to offer you high-quality and high-quality products, which is why you have the chance to choose the material of your kitchen cabinet from a large selection of wood; maple, oak, walnut, mahogany or exotic wood such as zebra wood.

In addition to making kitchen cabinets, we are also working in Brossard for the renovation and restoration of your furniture. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information ! Thanks to our expertise and the experience of our professional cabinet makers, you can be sure of having a resistant and durable piece of furniture. We do meticulous work in order to offer quality products that you keep for years.

Trust Antony Ebénisterie for a unique, modern kitchen cabinet, perfectly suited to your tastes, all in Brossard!